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Pay and benefits

ASRI Staffing Resource, Inc. offers the highest salaries in the industry.

Travel Reimbursement

To assist you in your new assignment, ASRI will reimburse travel costs.


ASRI Staffing Resource, Inc. assists you with licensing. The licensing specialists at ASRI Staffing Resource, Inc. will provide assistance with the entire application process.

Bank deposit

ASRI Staffing Resource, Inc. offers nurses bank deposit every Tuesday once a week or they can pick-up their checks daily. Just notify us. We are of service 24 hours daily and 7 days per week.

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The Company

With our exposure in the health care industry, we are committed to do our best to make your work with us to be most fulfilling and very satisfactory.

Who we are

ASRI Staffing Resource, Inc. is not your ordinary staffing agency.

We are a dynamic nursing registry that continually strives to earn the loyalty of our clients and employees by delivering services that is more than what is expected. In order to do this, we dedicate our time and effort on the needs of our employees and clients by providing exceptional and quality services. We offer attractive travel packages and rewarding travel assignments that go beyond the scale of other staffing agencies. We can help you achieve success and together, we will work hand in hand for a brighter future.

Here at ASRI Staffing Resource, Inc., you are second to none. We provide both permanent and temporary staffing services.

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  • High quality customer services100%
  • Most rewarding and compensating travel opportunities99%
  • Helps find a career98%

We pride ourselves in delivering the best customer service that you can ask for. Rest assured that when you contact us, you will be talking to someone who cares and will handle all of your staffing requirements. We always strive to provide the best services with the highest rate of customer satisfaction. Our greatest strength is in recognizing that our clients always come first.

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We are fully aware of the effort and care that you are going through when it comes to choosing the right staffing agency. Our customers and associates appreciate and acknowledge the services that they receive from our team members since our commitment is to them. Our team aims to provide you with high quality and effective services that will suit all of your needs.

You can get in touch with ASRI Staffing Resource, Inc. anytime for your questions and other concerns. Avail the services that we offer today and enjoy the many benefits that we can provide to you.

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